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The grease traps in your restaurant or store keep your facility sanitary. If your grease trap isn't cleaned properly, you could be dealing with foul odors or sanitation issues. Call ECO of Idaho.

We offer the following grease trap pumping services in Boise, Idaho Falls, and the surrounding northern Idaho region:

  • Grease trap maintenance
  • Grease trap pumping
  • Grease disposal

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We keep prices low to help our local businesses

When you need affordable and efficient grease trap pumping services in the Boise, ID area, choose a local company that you can depend on. ECO of Idaho has a contract with the city of Boise to recycle the cleaned wastewater that we collect from grease traps. This allows us to offer professional grease trap pumping services for a low rate.

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Grease Interceptor Pumping/Cleaning

ECO of Idaho is also at the forefront of recycling technologies for grease trap waste. We operate the only private grease interceptor waste facility in Idaho giving us the capability to RECYCLE the cleaned waste water collected from grease interceptors and reused through our partnership with the City of Boise! This translates to the lowest fees for trap pumping in Idaho!

ECO of Idaho cleans grease interceptors on a set schedule approved by our local city inspectors. We feel very strongly that participation, communication and education between city inspectors and restaurant owners strengthens the understanding of suitable grease interceptor service. Maintaining a regular service schedule greatly reduces the chance of costly emergency plumbing issues in the future. We issue a proof of service ticket at time of service along with a digital copy should customers prefer. These compliance reports denote the size, condition and last service date along with information on future services that may be recommended and/or needed.

We offer discounts for grease trap cleaning to our cooking oil customers! When you bundle our cooking oil services with our grease trap pumping services you are given discounts. You can also rest assured that 100% of the oil and water removed from your business will be recycled. You can make a difference in easing the environmental impact of regular waste disposal in Idaho!

We perform the following operations/services to stay compliant with city/state regulations and maintain our adherence at being the most environmentally conscience recycling facility in Idaho.

  • 100% compliance with disposal regulations.
  • Analytical testing of wastewater for compliance with city and state regulations.
  • Collection, transportation and recycling of waste cooking oils.
  • Complete pressure washing and cleanup of emergency spills and bin areas.
  • Computerized scheduling.
  • Fast, dependable service.
  • On-call emergency service/Available 24 hours a day.
  • Friendly, professional drivers.
  • Large coverage area for your convenience.
  • Multiple container sizes available to fit your needs.
  • Portable vacuum units available for remote grease traps.
  • Pumping cleaning, transportation and disposal of grease trap waste.

How Do Grease Traps Work?

And why do you need professional grease trap pumping services in Boise and Idaho Falls, ID?

Think about cooking food in your kitchen at home-you use fats and oils to cook a variety of dishes, such as meats, breakfast foods and vegetables. When you're finished cooking, you probably put the extra oil in a can to dispose of it. This can be gross, but it's not a major hassle.

But if you own a large establishment with a commercial kitchen, you probably have large amounts of fats, oils and grease that you can't pour into a single can. That's where a grease trap comes in. Grease traps are used to prevent grease from getting into your building's sewer system. They keep your facility clean and prevent contamination.

Keeping your grease trap clean is important

Like any other plumbing fixture, grease traps can get clogged and dirty. It's important to clean them and remove the grease properly. A blockage in your grease trap could cause wastewater to contaminate your kitchen. This can cause you to fail your health inspection.

ECO of Idaho offers safe and affordable grease trap cleaning services in Boise and Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding area. We'll clean your grease trap and remove impurities from your water-so that you can keep cooking in your commercial kitchen without worrying about failing your health inspection.

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We've Got the Secret to Eliminating Grease Trap Odors

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As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want to deal with is a stinky grease trap. Grease trap odors can create an unpleasant work environment for your employees and turn away potential customers. Call ECO of Idaho today if you need grease trap cleaning services in Boise, ID.

What's the leading cause of grease trap odors?

When you notice foul odors coming from your grease trap, you might assume that it's clogged or broken. While damage to your grease trap could be causing it to stink, the #1 cause of grease trap odors is improper grease trap cleaning. Pumping fats, oils and greases from your grease trap can cause your trap to dry out, which causes it to stink.

That's why ECO of Idaho uses the pump-and-return method, which involves:

  • Pretreating the water in your grease trap
  • Sucking out the fats, oils and grease
  • Reusing the water that's leftover

Removing the impurities from the water and reusing it allows your grease trap to stay lubricated, and this can prevent gross odors. Call ECO of Idaho in Boise, ID today for more information about our grease trap pumping process.